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Today, people are unclear about the difference between an original artwork and a digital work. So, how do you tell the difference? Learn the difference between and original artwork and digital art.


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What is an original artwork?

When an artist creates a unique work of art, that’s an original artwork. The artwork doesn’t copy an artwork that was originally produced in some other medium.


Here are 5 compelling reasons to invest in original artwork.

  1. Art is inspiring – We’re inspired consciously and subconsciously by displaying art in our homes. Nature-themed art has the ability to calm and heal. Art inspires us to ask questions and maybe even challenge the status quo. It also opens doors to new ways of seeing the world.
  2. Art is a conversation starter – Artwork evokes the expression of ideas and thoughts. For example, place a painting in your dining room, it will spark conversations between people. The love of art can provide a space for viewers to comment on the beauty of the piece. Or listen or speak to one another about memories brought up by the painting.
  3. Art is eye-catching – Children look at art and see all sorts of images and ideas. If exposed to art, many children will want to create their own art. Adults, children and young people alike can engage with artwork. And feel motivated to make something of their own lives.
  4. Art adds value to our lives – Art gives us meaning. It helps us understand our world. Art serves as an educational source. It depicts historic moments, where viewers are able to travel back in time and gain knowledge of events. 
  5. Art provides a creative and emotional release – Art enables reflection and meditation. Best known for its ability to create a peaceful ambiance and still the mind.


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What is digital art?

Defined as an artistic creation produced using digital technology. When an artist renders an original image or manipulation of other material using a computer or tablet, that’s digital art.

Mist by Romero
Mist by Romero

Because all digital art is in digital form, they’re portable and can easily be published on the Internet. Another advantage of digital art is in the editing process. Digital tools save the artist time as he or she is able to seamlessly control the brush size and opacity.


You might ask, so digital artwork can’t be original? The answer is digital works can be originals only if a unique work exists. Prints are an original work of art intended for graphic reproduction. They are also produced by the or under the supervision of the artist who created the piece.


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May 24, 2017


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