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When we first started working with Amazon and artwork in 2007 the engagement was a very on again off again tumultuous affair. It just was quite difficult getting to list artwork on Amazon if you were an artist that was still alive.

Finally little by little things started to change in our relationship with Amazon, we guess as technology starting changing along with our Avant-garde art techniques.

Bringing us to the current, in case you missed it we had our work for quite some time at an introductory price to help patrons get acquainted with the disruptive technology of bypassing galleries and agents. But what about value?

Just like in a marriage it’s been about a year now, so it is now time for our work to be at it’s true value. One of my closest friends for over 40 years exclaimed to me, “Carl (what my close friends and family call me) you have to be the most under rated artist!

What’s in the mind is fine to me. I’m working on an exhibit of artists works to be shown here in Greenville, NC and I know full well that when you explore the disruptive edge your work may not be readily accepted, and that has nothing to do with it’s value.

More important than the value is educating, problem solving and informing the public about something, they might not know about.

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