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For quite sometime as you know Ikohaus has been doing things in art as an independent. The climate for art recognition and sales has been all but frigid. We have even undertaken the slow process of teaching digital art on the GoogleHelpouts platform and succeeded in getting placed.

In this day and age though one needs the big money push of advertising and marketing to make your work saleable. It is more of a sense of created value and appeal and then true value and appeal.

Given all of this very good sounding socialness we’ve found that it might be better to revert to the plain old and simple True Talk. By that I mean the Google Helpouts takes and exorbitant amount of time to set up with a lot of work involved, only to try to help Google gain notice and get people to take courses. I don’t know about the others, but I’ve found a very slow uptake on anyone being interested in looking to pay for learning art.

Maybe the same is true of the way KickStarter is going to, where the big companies looking for a handout that can already produce all the flashy come ons are just looking for someone else to bang the buck. Commercialism has overtaken all facets of the arts. Now it is no longer art or artists but who has the slickest marketing crew.

With that being said Ikohaus is once again looking to some forward thinking marketers and or even student marketers that believe they can help us get our work sold. Of course as Indie artists we don’t have the bucks of Picasso and Warhol, but then again we’re not dead yet either. So what we are proposing is, if you think you can market our art and get it sold, write your own ticket and ours. We’ll work out a very ethical compensation for works sold, and neither will stand to gain unless the food gets cooked so to speak.

So with that if your interested and have what it takes to market the Avant- garde email us at Ikohaus@gmail.com

April 8, 2014

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