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Sometimes in our hectic lives, we seem to take the important things for granted. There’s a connection between us and nature. Not only does the earth provide us with the necessary tools needed for survival, but it also provides us with inspiration for art. 

What do you believe inspires artists to create nature-themed works? The answer, nature inspires art. Art is found in nature and nature in art. 

The beauty of nature reflected in an artwork is just another reminder that nature is everywhere in art. (Click to Tweet!)

The beauty of nature has inspired many artists whether it’s the colors of a sunset or the geometry found in nature. Nature in artwork can take many forms from the creative expression to abstract inspiration provided by the textures and colors of the outdoors. Being outdoors can lift your spirits and encourage your creativity. 

Some artists take the beauty of nature and transpose it into a medium such as a canvas, painting or sculpture. Other artists manipulate nature and turn it into art. By depicting nature, artists are helping nurture their artistic spirit and ensuring that the future generations will continue to find inspiration in the natural world around us.

Artists and creatives can find inspiration in nature. Nature-themed works are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also convey an important message. By creating art using the natural world around us, we develop a deeper level of connection. Just like an artist who uses paints and a canvas becomes closer to the materials they use, so does the artist or creative who uses objects found in nature. As one uses nature as inspiration there is a constant reminder of the beauty that exists within the natural world.

Nature has inspired works of art by Avant-Garde artist Romero. Romero creates works with the purpose of connecting people via art. He has collaborated on various nature-themed works with Australian photographer Maggie Beresford. 

Adelaide Waterlilies by Romero and Maggie Beresford
Romero and Maggie Bersford
Adelaide Waterlilies, 2009

Through the use of a camera, Maggie Beresford captured this flower at the perfect time when the reflection on the water creates a calm and peaceful scene. Romero used this technique of constructing a digital feathery image with his Adelaide Waterlilies, which was one of several collaborative works in his Flower Series. This piece was created entirely by Romero with his Wacom stylus pen and computer. 

Romero had a vision of the work transforming into something of the likes of impressionist artist Monet. The title of this work is based on the actual type of flower snapped by Maggie in Australia. This piece offers viewers a scenery that truly feels and looks serene. Adelaide Waterlilies makes the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. You can even opt to hang this work in your dining room or kitchen.

Art and nature are inspirational. The use of nature in artwork can serve as an example of the interconnectedness of humans and the cyclical nature of life. Altogether, artists who depict nature provide us with inspiration for future generations to come.

How do you create connections with nature? Let me know via comments.

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