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Technology is moving at a very rapid pace as it weaves it’s way with 5G into loads of devices. Your refrigerator, your watch, car are all a part of the devices that communicate with each other, smart apps and you.

But where does the artist fit into this equation? Artists for centuries have communicated with canvas, paint, sculpture and prints. A technology that has not changed much since the cave paintings of Lascaux.

In terms of creatives the artist was the last one to take on digital technology and still yet many cling to the old technology of ink, pen, brush and paint on canvas or paper, along with sculpture.

Prior to the 21st century musicians and photographers, both pioneered the use of digital technology and storage. Only commercial artists were the ones we have all seen use Photoshop with slick glamour pictures, but they were not fine art.

#413 Test #1
#413 Test #1 by Romero

As early as 1994 while working on an experimental Telecom project with AT&T in NYC I got one of the workers to out put my first digital art work done with a mouse in Microsoft Paint to a printer.

The process has been developed to take the creation of what is now called an asset, with digital brush, painting and various techniques through a record creation for authenticity, provenance and then an open digital viewing format.

Now with our public Codex Protocol gallery which I have populated with a growing number of my works I am opening the gallery to other artists that work in a digital format. Simply if you are a digital artist email that you would like to join our Avantgarde movement, and include some samples of your work for consideration romero@iko.haus

Are you interested in working with us on this distributed, decentralized IkoVuX project? Good, we are working currently with Project Opensea where you can see our work or others and earn 2.5% from our creativity for just posting and promoting our work across your social media network helping us to acquire patrons.

See what we are working on in the lab now in the video below.

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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