Working on Art? Or Just Working? – Ikohaus
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It’s great to be an established artist and working on new creations, but what’s really more difficult is working on an entirely new direction in art. By this I mean the avant~garde. You see there is no recognition there, for the art that hasn’t been done yet, for breaking new ground, of course has very few fans as the work has never been seen before and may sit uncomfortably with viewers.

The current state of the economy also is a very difficult one for artists, experimenting with what is new. There are virtually no patrons seeking to lend impetus to an entirely new untried form. This makes surviving very difficult for the avant~garde artist, another means of employment must be taken, just to survive.

This is where we’ve taken to using our eco-friendly avant~garde techniques, of just giclees, prints and ebooks, to our new store front on !kohaus Etsy .com

Here you’ll find all of out current unique artistic creations, sensibly priced and eco consciously deliverable to you. Take a look, and help support the arts.

November 23, 2009

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