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By: TruImage

Romero, the founder of Ikohaus created an innovative way for art collectors to view his work. This technique is called “IkoVu”, a combination of Ikohaus and a twist on the word ‘view’. IkoVu is an online virtual art exhibition.


The purpose of IkoVu is for Ikohaus artworks to be displayed on digital devices. Collectors must use Gmail to receive and view the works. Each artwork is numbered and viewable exclusively to the collector. Once the IkoVu works are in your collection, cast the works to your TV using Chromecast.


With IkoVu you’ll always have your collection of Ikohaus art on hand to show to friends and family or to enjoy at any time and any place. To kick things off, we’re beta testing this process starting with a limited edition of 100 of Romero’s “Rage 1”. 

Have you run out of space to display your collection? Save space. Collect art digitally to improve your home.

Click here to add Rage 1 to your collection!

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March 31, 2016

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