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Your Ultimate Shopping Guide to the Popular One Piece Swimsuit | Ikohaus
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You won’t believe this summer’s hottest trend! You may have noticed lately how more and more celebrities, including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Selena Gomez are wearing one piece swimsuits.

One pieces are known to have a bad rap for being too conservative. This doesn’t have to be the case. Even if you’re a bikini type of girl, you have to admit one piece suits are a classic. They’ve become extremely popular, and are a great way to channel your inner mermaid.

There are so many ways to categorize body shape. Apple, pear, triangle, rectangle, and hourglass are just a few of the shapes you’ll find. When you’re shopping for clothing do you find yourself saying “Ugh, I can’t wear this shirt because my chest is too big”?

What if shopping for swimsuits didn’t have to be that way? To help you out, I decided to come up with a guide to one piece bathing suit shopping. Whether you want to conceal or hide fat or provide enough support for the girls, a one piece is the solution. 

With this helpful guide, let me help you discover the benefits of a suit that flatters your shape and keeps you feeling confident and sexy whether you’re heading to the beach, pool or any other fun in the sun activity. 

Summer 2016 is all about the vibrant one piece: patterns, rainbow hues or solid colors. Eye-catching colors will liven up your poolside activities. What better way to make a splash while sun bathing than to wear a colorful one piece? One piece suits flatters all body types no matter your shape. 

Thinking about switching up your swimwear routine? The one piece is a chic choice. Rediscover the beauty of a one piece. One pieces have some advantages over bikinis. They’re instantly eye-catching and are easy to slip on. Unlike your bikini bottoms, you don’t have to worry about your bottoms falling off as soon as you jump into the water. You’ll never need to think about losing your top either.

When is the best time to buy a swimsuit? Swimsuits go on sale at the start of summer, but by September, department stores lower prices to make room for fall inventory.

Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit | Ikohaus
Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit

Since you’ll be making a statement by wearing a one piece, why not make it in a trendy suit? Look at the new Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit. Notice how the suit makes it easier to accentuate your figure. Let me tell you about this new Rage 1 Swimsuit. Rage 1 is coming to the IKOStore this September. Your body is an Avant-garde painting thanks to this suit. Have you ever seen art on a swimsuit before? That’s why I pitched the idea to Avant-Garde artist Romero. Wait until you get your hands on the new Rage 1 Swimsuit. Once you put the suit on, you’ll have a better sense of why some people feel strongly about how colorful one piece suits can be used to your benefit. 

Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit | Ikohaus
Add the Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit to your cart

Features: supportive straps over the shoulder

If you want: a universal style that flatters all figures

Want more support, an accentuated figure, and a suit that’s easier to put on? This swimsuit can help you achieve all three of these goals.

Rage 1 One Piece Swimsuit | IkohausEven better? One pieces are cute enough to wear all day long on your way to the beach with some denim shorts or post-pool party with a sheer maxi skirt. The one piece swimsuit style fits your figure, flatters your shape, and makes the most of every curve. You can get some serious usage out of these suits. If my prediction is correct, then you’ll be hooked on one pieces all summer long. 

Ready to dive in and make a statement wearing the hottest one-piece swimsuit of the season? Try the Rage 1 Women’s Performance One Piece Swimsuit.

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